What Really Matters?


My mom had a saying that I’m sure you have heard before.  “If you don’t have anything good or nice to say, don’t say anything”.  I’ve always tried to keep to that.

Today’s post is no exceptiIMG_1927on.  I want to leave you thinking about “ What Really Matters” by sharing with you what really matters to me.

I had to slow down, pause and really ponder this question.

WHAT REALLY MATTERS?    Don’t worry I’m not going to give you the standard 3 points and a poem sermon.   I also won’t make you hold hands a sing  “ Let There Be Peace on Earth”.  However, take a minute and close your eyes and focus on the 5 things that really matter in your life

What does this look like to you?

The first thing that matters to me is TIME.  Last weekend I complained to Gerry that I never had any downtime.  I often feel that I am in a constant state of “perpetual on”.  Go to work, do the laundry, clean the house, run to the grocery store, make dinner and fall into bed.  Every Sunday night, I ask Gerry – “Where did the weekend go!   I somehow need to find that off switch where I can slow down and relax.

The next is my relationships.  Life is full of relationships. Every relationship is different, complex and takes energy and commitment.   We hadn’t been to church for a while and last Sunday we scheduled ourselves to go.  How wonderful to spend that hour to be reminded that God is available all the time to us.   I love to go for walks in Dash Point on the weekends. My youngest son, Colin often stops by in the evenings to talk about his day.  G, my oldest,  wants me to go car shopping with him next weekend. My girlfriend has asked me to meet her in Seattle for lunch. I want to do it all but, all takes Time.

Third, on the list of what really matters, is having  Joy/Love/Happiness in my life.  It gives me great joy to know that my husband is healthy and that my children are leading successful lives.  I love the water.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than to sit on the beach and watch the boats cruise by.  Or even better, to get in my paddle boat on my little lake with a hot cup of tea and enjoy the breeze.  There is nothing like good conversation with close friends over a glass of well-chilled “La Crema”  or to travel to Victoria to see my Mom and old friends.  I also love to listen to jazz in a cozy little restaurant.   But,   guess what this takes?   TIME!

Fourth, It matters to me that I make a difference.  I want to give back to my friends, family, and community.  I am inundated with requests to volunteer.  Karen is always looking for a piano sub a church.  I want to work in the homeless shelter, save the whales, fight for equality, feed the bears, participate in the march of dimes and  “Walk for the cure”  A few years back I signed up to do the 60-mile breast cancer walk.  When I found out how much of a commitment it was – I backed out. Heck, I even walk by the bulletin board at Treasure Island Park and think I should help out.  But, you know it takes?  Time.

Finally, let me get to the material stuff.  The bank account, the house, the car, the RV or vacation spot.  Yes, they matter to me.   However, I’m not unwilling to work for them.  I get up every morning and go to a J>O>B>. And guess what to really enjoy the “ stuff” – fly to Hawaii, take the RV to the Olympic Peninsula, take care of the potted Geraniums, drive the town in my VW convertible, you need, yep you got it.- TIME

I started this talk by stating there are 5 things that really matter to me.  Well, I guess I was wrong.  I can simply boil it down to one  – TIME – is the single most import thing that matters to me.

The most critical decision you can make today is to decide how to spend each 24 hour day that God gives you.   The good news is that you get to make this choice each and every day.   RIGHT CHOICE OR WRONG CHOICE YOU GET TO START OVER EVERY MORNING.



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