What You Think Matters-Captain Kirk knows.



On Saturday nights, I enjoy watching Star Trek re-runs. Once in a while, I see an episode that makes me think. What’s amazing about this series is that it was made PRIOR to all of the hi-tech effects that you see on the screen today. They had to rely on a good plot and a well-written script to keep the viewer’s attention.

This episode had a time traveler arrive on the Enterprise. He figured out a way to get the ship to time travel 360 light years into the future at a record-breaking speed. (Past Warp 10 for those who understand Star Trek lingo.)   In this future period of time, your thoughts and actions were connected. If you thought about a person, place or thing it would appear before you.

There was a scene where one crew member had a ring of fire around him. Captain Kirk told him to put it out with his thoughts. Once the crew member focused on his thoughts the fire was extinguished.

For the ship to return home, Captain Kirk ordered all of his crew to focus on their immediate tasks and send wishes of good health and well-being to the ailing time traveler. He said this is the only way they can assist the time traveler in getting him back home. The crew had to control their thoughts and emotions.

Ok, I know this is only a TV story. Nevertheless, it is still is a good reminder that WHAT YOU THINK MATTERS.  If you expect good things to happen they will. Is your glass half empty or half full?

Life is so much more enjoyable if you can focus your attention on positive thinking. Everyone wants to be around someone with an upbeat outlook on life.

I encourage you to look for daily opportunities to practice controlling your thoughts in a positive manner.



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