Why do we always wait for the future?


This summer has been the busiest one yet. I keep telling myself that I am working hard for my future. You know the time in my life where I can slow down and enjoy my garden, lake, and friends. I must confess that I have brought on this action-packed schedule myself.

I already have a career that takes an extreme amount of time and energy. Then, you put on top of this the fact that my husband and I are in the midst of turning our second rental home this summer. We did another turn in early July. The phone and emails have been hard to keep up with. Do I like the action? Absolutely! Would I love to have a day to sit on my lake view deck and sip Chardonnay? Absolutely!

So what’s the problem you might ask? This summer has caused me to stop and pause. Am I running so fast that I am missing out on my life? I have a wonderful family and a host of numerous friends.   I have turned down many invites because I had a more pressing appointment or had to work on a project with a deadline. My son wanted me to go to a pop concert over the mountains this weekend. But, I declined because I was “too busy”.

What am I waiting for?   The projects, houses, and emails will always be there.   Life only happens once. If I am always waiting for things to slow down, it will never happen. I need to take the necessary steps to enjoy life today. I need to understand that I am in control of my schedule.
The future is now…. Slow down, relax and enjoy – life only comes around once.

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”

Micheal Algstaiter



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