Your lifestyle

Over the past couple of months, I have had the pleasure of visiting the homes of several of our friends and family.

It is always interesting to me how our lifestyles differ.

My girlfriend Jillian does not drink coffee. For me, I must have a cup in the morning before my eyes are completely open. When I visit her home, I have learned to bring my own.  In addition, her home is coordinated in various shades of blue. It’s organized and spotlessly clean. It makes me feel calm and relaxed.

We spent a few days with my brother’s family.  Their home was busy with grandchildren and friends dropping in. Their cell phones rang constantly as they were always encouraging people to stop in. You never knew how many people would show up for dinner. I felt extremely welcomed and part of a bigger circle.

Our last visit was a weekend away with some of our RV friends.  It was raining too hard for us to have our potluck outside.  Our neighbor invited everyone into his large rig.  It was a tight squeeze for the eight of us. We ate in shifts to allow everyone to use the small dining table. It was crowded yet cozy.  All of us were protected from the elements and enjoyed the comforts of home in a downsized style. I felt very secure.

Sometimes, I get envious of other people’s lifestyles.  I would like to have my house color coordinated and clean.  I would enjoy the company of friends at my dinner table.  I always want to be warm and dry during a storm.

That being said, the lifestyles of my friends and family are not my lifestyle.  Honestly, I am glad that I can make my coffee right away in the morning.  My home does not have a designer touch but it is clean and welcoming.  I too, often have friends and family over for dinner.  That’s not to say that I  don’t also treasure a few quiet evenings alone. Finally, I always appreciate my warm house although it is much larger than an RV.

All of us have different routines.  We all have different habits.

These routines make us the person that we are.


There is no right or wrong way to live, as long as you are happy and content.


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